What They Said

Eileen, Bridget, Rob & Joanne,

I just wanted to congratulate all of you on your Headwaters Tourism Award.

It is so nice to see you acknowledged for your very hard work.  You and your teams did an amazing job bringing the RCMP musical ride to our town. 

The whole RCMP team (horses, riders, grooms etc) were made to feel so welcome.  The spectators were so pleased with the entertainment. 

It has been wonderful to hear all of the great reviews from our customers at Budson’s. 

You certainly put our little town on the map!


Carol, Budson’s 

“Bridget has worked with us on a variety of different marketing and promotional programs over the past two years. These have included proposal writing for grant applications with Central Counties Tourism, promotional concepts (Summer and Christmas Village Events), promotional material development (coordination of copy, artwork and print), distribution of marketing materials (via media placement, print insertion and direct contact with retailers), updating digital media sites, and photography direction.

During my work with Bridget, she has been a key player in helping to brainstorm new ideas, marketing strategies, and member engagement strategies. She has been dedicated to our objective of increasing visitor repeat visits to the Village of Erin and the region.”

Chris Bailey, Village of Erin BIA

EG-logo_FULL_black“Equine Guelph has worked with Bridget on several different marketing and educational programs since 2009. These have included partnering on the creation of regional equine educational workshops and a collaboration to bring Equine Guelph’s “Horses 101” Program to Erin. From 2001-2015, Bridget, on behalf of the Erin Agricultural Society, was instrumental in opening the way for the involvement of Equine Guelph’s Award Winning EquiMania! interactive educational exhibit to be anchoring exhibit in the Erin Fall Fair Equine Tent, thus opening more opportunities to bring in other exhibitors.

Bridget is a high level professional with passion, leadership and marketing skills and this combination helped prime these events for success. It also made it an absolute pleasure to work with Bridget and the partnership resulted in many benefits to Equine Guelph including much higher exposure and awareness, helpful connections for sponsorships and the ongoing success of EquiMania! in partnership with the Erin Fall Fair and the Equine Tent. I would not hesitate to recommend Bridget as a desirable, effective partner or employee in the building of new visions and strategic partnerships, as she has shown that she is a high level professional with many skills that will contribute to the success of any project where she is a part of the team.

Gayle Ecker, Equine Guelph

EAS-Logo-175“Bridget was the Chair of the Equine Tent, a new initiative brought forward to the Erin Fair in 2010, by Bridget. Bridget was key to the Advertising and Events Committee and secured a variety of special acts including the Canadian Cowgirls, Mini Chuck Wagon Races, and contacting & coordinating the Rick Mercer Report who filmed at our Fair in 2013.

In addition, in 2014 and 2015, Bridget was instrumental in securing a partnership with the Erin Fall Fair resulting in the creation of a Welcome Booth at the Erin Fall Fair. This was a partnership between the Village of Erin BIA, the Town of Erin and the Erin Agricultural Society, and included promotional materials and staffing.

During the time, that Bridget has been involved with the EAS, we have noticed improved communication and co-operation amongst our directors and volunteers. Overall our experience when dealing with Bridget was exceptional and an awesome experience for all of our directors and volunteers.”

Eileen Brown, Erin Agricultural Society (EAS)

10646688_852880574752439_1176272205232500499_n“I was lucky to have had the chance to work with Bridget while my business was in the planning stages. She inspired me with great ideas, as well as practical advice on how to make the best of my skills.  She brought me research and touched on aspects I wouldn’t have ever considered on my own. She was just as enthusiastic as I was! It really motivated me to push forward everyday.”

Jessica Penny, Love & Co. Chocolaterie


“I have had the great privilege or working alongside Bridget Ryan since 2008. Bridget has worked on a variety of our marketing and fundraising diverse programs. These included: event coordination of the 2008 Feast of Fields Event (involving chefs, vintners, craft breweries, and organic farmers) and also creative input and planning for our Summer Kids Camp, and our annual signature event CarrotFest.

Bridget also served as a Director on the Everdale Board for 3 years, bringing with her a range of skills including marketing and promotion planning, and taking a proactive role in the fundraising and marketing committees. Her skills in mediation and personality management made her an invaluable addition to the team.

In 2013, Everdale’s reach extended to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with the launch of Black Creek Community Farm, and Br9dget helped develop and execute the Fundraising Dinner and community launch of the BCCF. It’s important to note that Black Creek Community Farm is the largest urban farm in the Greater Toronto Area. It is in the heart of the Jane-Finch community, the most vibrant and diverse community in Canada.

I cannot recommend Bridget highly enough. She is smart, talented, funny, kind compassionate person and someone who gets things done on every scale. She is one of those special people you don’t meet very often.”

Brendan Johnson, Past Executive, Everdale Organic Farm and current Executive of Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition